Marcos Gaspar
Scarlet Moon Records Announces Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV
Classical guitar arrangements of delicious Final Fantasy IV Music!
07.06.18 - 8:46 PM

In honor of Final Fantasy IV's 27th anniversary this July 19th, Scarlet Moon Records presents us the start of what is planned to be a new Final Fantasy guitar collection series. Gracing us with not only his arrangements, but also his talents on acoustic guitar, is none other than the venerable William Carlos Reyes (The OneUps). I know what you're thinking. Are there samples of Reyes' luscious playing available to tickle the senses until the release date? The answer:

If this delightful trailer isn't enough to convince you to check out this gem, we also have an exclusive preview of track 08 "Troian Beauty" for you to check out!

Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV is available for preorder on Bandcamp, while more information on the album can be found on its Scarlet Moon Record entry page.