Nathan Lee
E3 2018: Code Vein Hands-On Impressions
Get ready for an anime Souls this fall!
07.04.18 - 3:24 PM

With Dark Souls being such a big series, it should come as no surprise that games like it would follow suit. Code Vein is one of the Souls-esque games that will attempt to follow that Souls success. During my appointment with Bandai Namco, I got hands-on time with the upcoming action game.

Code Vein Screenshot Code Vein Screenshot

Robert Fenner covered the game pretty thoroughly in his preview last year, so I don't have much to add. The E3 build did feature three partner NPCs that you could switch between, each with their own specialties like attacking, tanking, and healing. This allows you to have a companion that suits your needs at any given moment. I found my companion helped out a lot and seemingly did more damage to enemies than I did. I only stuck with one weapon, but you have a couple of different options at your disposal. I had a small sword, but you can use a buster sword as well. I saw most other people around me using the buster sword for more damage.

The game has been polished up since Fenner experienced the game last year: running at a solid 60 FPS even during combat, and the backgrounds look good. It took me awhile to get used to the controls, as I haven't played a Souls game in some time, but I'm sure with practice it's something you could get used to. It's a game that is looking just about ready for its launch in September.

Code Vein Screenshot Code Vein Screenshot

I'm not much of a Souls guy, but I do like how much more fluid Code Vein's combat feels over the Souls games. Having a companion should help the combat and story along, and I can personally get behind the anime look of the game. Get ready for an anime Souls this fall!