Trent Argirov
Guild Wars 2 'Long Live the Lich' Story Update Now Available
They sure ain't Joko-ing around!
07.02.18 - 2:33 PM

Another update for Guild Wars 2 is now live with its third update, known as 'Long Live the Lich', which continues the current season of the Living World content rollout.

guild wars 2 logo

Continuing the story started in the title's latest expansion, known as Path of Fire, 'Long Live the Lich' sets players against the machinations of a rather dastardly lich known as Joko, keen on taking the world of the living for a wild ride down into all things undeath. Check out the launch trailer below!

The release of this update brings a few new things into play, as seen above. Players will have the opportunity to master a new mount, known as the Roller Beetle: the fantasy equivalent of a light-cycle.

Roller Beetle

roller beetle screenshot

A new legendary weapon has also been added into the mix, known as the Verdarach warhorn, giving players a high-level option to wield against the new content in 'Long Live the Lich'.

Verdarach Warhorn

verdarach warhorn

A new map area has also been unveiled, known as the Domain of Kourna, as well as a fractal dungeon, allowing players the opportunity to test their exploration mettle, platforming and jumping skills, and combat prowess.

'Long Live the Lich' will be available for free for all players who have purchased Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Personally, as someone who appreciates MMOs from a distance, I've heard nothing but good things about Guild Wars 2, and I'm excited for fans of the franchise to have more content to sink their teeth into with the release of this update.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is available for PC and Mac systems. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news on Guild Wars 2!