John Alas
Square Enix Answers Questions About Dragon Quest Series, Final Fantasy VII Remake
Answers is used very loosely in this case.
06.30.18 - 9:53 PM

During last week's Square Enix Holdings 38th General Meeting of Stockholder's last week, Square Enix answered several questions about the Dragon Quest series Switch port's content, Final Fantasy VII Remake and the possibility of HD remakes for older Dragon Quest titles.

dragon quest xi switch version content

Those who own the PlayStation 4 versions of Dragon Quest Builders, Dragon Quest Heroes I & II and the upcoming Dragon Quest XI may have to wait a while for the additional content from these versions to make their way to the PS4. According to Dragon quest series executive producer Yuu Miyake, it would be a difficult undertaking to port the Switch versions content to the PS4. However, there are some promotional plans in the works.

final fantasy vii remake update

Moving on to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Producer Shinji Hashimoto and former CEO Yosuke Matsuda said that development was "going smoothly".

dragon quest i hd remake

When asked about the possibility of remaking Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II Miyake said that there are no current plans to remake either title, stating that Dragon Quest XII would take priority over remaking past entries.

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