Mike Salbato
E3 2018: Show Awards & Editor Awards
The best of the best! According to us, anyway.
06.29.18 - 9:14 PM

2018 saw E3 continue to evolve and change in both small and large ways. For the second year in a row, the public attended alongside media. EA continued to do its own thing in Los Angeles, and not exist on the show floor itself. This time they were joined by Microsoft, who did not display games in the convention hall, but outside in a separate venue.

E3 2018 Show Awards

Aside from that though? Business as usual. That meant Nintendo focusing on a handful of huge titles, Capcom going the extra mile in booth design and activities, and even if not every single game one might have wanted to be there showed up, there was still a lot of exciting things to see and play. A new Dragon Quest, actual, playable Kingdom Hearts III, a new Smash Bros., a solid showing by some of our favorites like XSEED and SEGA/Atlus, and much more.

As always, we present here our show awards for what we felt stood out above the rest. This is joined by our latest episode of our Random Encounter podcast, which was recorded live at E3, as we put together our awards and discussed our favorite things. Finally, Complete Coverage will collect every last preview, article, and media update from E3, so you won't miss a beat (this last part is coming soon).