Keegan Lee
Compile Hearts Reveals New Title, Varnir of the Dragon Star
A brand new RPG made by some of Compile Heart's best!
06.22.18 - 10:33 PM

In last week's issue of Famitsu magazine, Compile Hearts revealed their newest project, Varnir of the Dragon Star. Produced by Norihisa Kochiwa, famous for their work on the Neptunia and Fairy Fencer F series, and Directed by Makoto Nikato, who has worked on a slew of titles for Compile Hearts, Varnir of the Dragon Star truly seems to be a masterpiece in the making!

varnir of the dragon star

Focusing on the themes of "Witches" and "Dragons," Varnir of the Dragon Star features aerial battles with a focus on magic. Players will be able to move freely throughout the battlefield, which can transition between three separate layers, while fighting colossal sized dragons. In a surprising twist, the game will also feature dragons from Falcom's Trails series, including Zoro-Agruga, True Zoro-Agruga, and Ragnard. A Japanese release date has been given for October 11th, 2018, though no western release has been announced.

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