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Square Enix Releases Kingdom Hearts III Summary Movies, Nomura Details Development Status
DLC takes the place of Final Mix.
06.20.18 - 10:49 PM

Kingdom Hearts III got the spotlight at E3 last week and Square Enix is trying to maintain the momentum by following up with the release of five summary movies collectively called "Stories Connected to III". The storybook format compiles scenes from previous Kingdom Hearts games in order for players to have a better understanding of the plot. Refresh your memory below.






In addition, Director Tetsuya Nomura was recently interviewed by Weekly Famitsu, devulging several new details including the possibility of the "Stories Connected to III" movies being implemented into the game.

kingdom hearts 3 recap

DLC is planned for release after the game's launch. It is planned to be rolled out individually rather than through a season pass. In addition, Nomura confirmed that there will be no Final Mix re-release of Kingdom Hearts III; instead, the content that would have been added to a Final Mix would release through software updates. There will not be any DLC at launch, as they want to finish the main story first.

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The Frozen world follows the same timeline as the movie and the scene depicted in-game will remain unchanged. "Let it Go" will also be included in the audio. Anna and Elsa will not join your party, but Marshmallow will lend you his power.

Meanwhile, the returning Pirates of the Caribbean world is confirmed to take place during the third movie, At World's End. Details on the second movie will be in the synopsis.

kingdom hearts iii mini games

Several mini-games are currently being developed including a Ratatouille mini-game in Twilight Town where you will cook items that raise stats. Another mini-game taking place in the Tangled world is confirmed. Nomura stated that they are "putting in mini-games without stopping," implying that additional mini-games may be released as DLC.

kingdom hearts development status

Dual audio has proven to be challenging for the development team to implement as there is English lip syncing alongside the dub. Additionally, a secret movie is confirmed to be in the game, but it's final form has yet to be developed.

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Nomura stated that it was difficult to represent the state of development as a percentage. He is concerned that there may not be enough space to fit all of the content and has resorted to turning more cutscenes into pre-rendered movies to reduce load times.

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Kingdom Hearts III will be released in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Japan and Asia on January 25th, 2019. North America and Europe will receive the game on January 29th, 2019. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more updates on the Kingdom Hearts series.