John Alas
New Little Dragon's Cafe Details Include New Characters, Resource Gathering, World Exploration and More
Your pet dragon can turn into your favorite color by eating.
05.31.18 - 10:37 PM

Following last week's Little Dragon's Café box and character artwork reveal, Marvelous has followed up by releasing a slew of details on the upcoming title, introducing four new characters, recipe and ingredient gathering, world exploration and dragon colors.

little dragons cafe poncho

Pictured above is Poncho, a self-proclaimed hero that travels the world aspiring to be like the legendary hero Taisho. However, he is inconvenienced every time he gets a stomach ache, causing him to run off to the bathroom.

little dragons cafe rosetta

The next character introduced is Rosetta pictured on the right. She is dealing with the pain of losing her mother and despises her father for being unable to prevent her mother's death. She has a tendency to dwell on the past.

dragons cafe rucola

Rucola is the player's chef who wandered into the twins' cafe one day and decided to take the job on the spot without prior experience. While he has a narcissistic personality, he is surprisingly talented at cooking and assists in cafe management.

dragons cafe huey

Huey is a mysterious and energetic young man who spontaneously comes across the cafe. He appears to be hiding a secret and overreacts to round objects.

little dragons cafe gathering

The island setting provides players with vast amounts of ingredients and recipes to use them for. Fruits, vegetables and seasonings can be harvested from trees and bushes, wild birds can be brought to the cafe for eggs and fish can be caught in oceans and rivers.

Once an ingredient is found, the ingredient can be harvested in the cafe's garden or caught in the fish preserve, a handy feature that will undoubtedly be a huge time saver.

little dragons cafe recipes

Recipes are scattered throughout the island in fragments which must be pieced together to use. Once four fragments are acquired, the old man can restore the recipe and add it to the cafe's menu.

little dragons cafe monsters
little dragons cafe monster 2

Monsters are found throughout the island and are the source of meat for the protagonists once defeated. Two monsters with opposite temperaments are shown, an aggressive beast known as Zikkidon that will attack players on sight. If it rams you, it will eat any dishes being held. A dragon's help is required to take down these monsters. Next we have Yakidori, a cowardly bird that will run away after spotting the player. This creature will drop its meat after a single blow.

little dragons cafe protagonist

Your dragon is a helpful traveling companion when exploring the island. As it grows, it can do a multitude of actions including breaking obstacles, pushing aside objects and flying you to high places.

dragons cafe black color
little dragons cafe magenta color

The color of your dragon can be customized with 20 colors to choose from. The dragon will change shades by feeding it food of the desired color.

little dragons cafe fertilizer

Dragon fertilizer is an item that can be used on the field, kitchen garden and fish preserve to cultivate additional ingredients.

little dragons cafe twins

Little Dragons Café will be released for PlayStation 4 and Switch on August 30th in Japan. North America and Europe have a summer release window scheduled.