Derek Heemsbergen
Random Encounter 144: Like Poutine, But Saltier
The Canadian Uprising is not without its cheesy casualties.
05.16.18 - 2:05 PM

On this episode of Random Encounter:

-Steph and Greg share final thoughts on The Alliance Alive and The Swords of Ditto.
- The crew gets into a discussion about character customization by way of Path of Exile and the Xenoblade Chronicles trilogy; how much freedom is too much freedom for our anxious host(s)?
- Derek jumps back into Falcom's back catalog with the summery Nayuta no Kiseki.
- E3 2018 is coming up! Square Enix and Sony just announced their conference plans, after all. Join us as we speculate on what else might be on the docket.
- Miscellaneous news bytes include upcoming Switch indies like Mineko's Night Market and Minit, Final Fantasy XIV's long-awaited Patch 4.3, and more!

Featuring: Derek Heemsbergen, Greg Delmage, Stephanie Sybydlo

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