Trent Argirov
Composer Nobuo Uematsu Is Confirmed For Final Fantasy VII Remake's Production
Well, my jaw just dropped.
05.15.18 - 4:15 AM

JRPG music enthusiasts can rejoice with the confirmation that famed JRPG composter Nobuo Uematsu is working with the production team responsible for the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake, relayed via an interview with producer Yoshinori Kitase.

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Transcribed in the interview, provided by Twitter user aibo Kitase expresses the appreciation that he felt that, while not working with Uematsu-san since Final Fantasy X's development cycle, it seems that Uematsu is eager to work on the project, with Kitase appreciating Uematsu's involvement, irrespective of his departure from Square Enix, and his following success.

The entire statement is as follows:

"I've worked on numerous titles with Uematsu-san, and while I'm currently working on the production of Final Fantasy VII Remake, it's actually been since Final Fantasy X that I directly worked with Uematsu-san. So when I first went to ask Uematsu-san to come work on the music for the remake, I thought he would give me the cold shoulder since he had already left Square Enix and found success."

Personally, this inclusion is a point in the favor of my stake in this remake, as Uematsu is known for both creating great work, and the original soundtrack. Here's hoping it has a timely release, and that we hear something about it at E3 this year!

Final Fantasy VII Remake is slated to release on PlayStation 4. A release date remains unconfirmed.

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