Chris Gebauer
Square Enix Shares Dragon Quest Builders 2 Save Import Bonuses
Some rewards for those who played the original.
05.13.18 - 8:02 PM

Square Enix updated the official Japanese website for Dragon Quest Builder 2 detailing the bonus in-game content rewarded to fans with save data from the first game.

The first piece of claimable content is called the Legendary Bulder's Cap:

Available to players that earned the Escape Artist trophy on PlayStation 4/3/Vita, or Nintendo Switch players with save data where the "Banner of Hope" was built in 'Chapter 1: Cantlin.' The Legendary Builder's Cap will allow players to use the 'Dresser' item to change their hairdo to that of the original Dragon Quest Builder's protagonist. See for yourself below:

The second piece of claimable content from save imports is called the Dragonlord's Throne Recipe:

Available to players that obtained "Torchbearer of Tantegel" trophy on PlayStation 4/3/Vita, or to Nintendo Switch players with save data after "Final Chapter: Tantegel" has been completed. Players will obtain a recipe to build the 'Dragonlord Throne.' This cool item will change your appearance to the Dragonlord while sitting on it. Check this content out in the video below:

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will release sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.