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Bandai Namco Unveils New Code Vein Information Detailing Enemies, Weapons and More
The partner actions sound absolutely rad.
05.07.18 - 10:32 PM

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released new details on Code Vein, an upcoming entry to the genre of Souls-like games sporting vampires and a sterling anime aesthetic.

code vein logo

The information details an antagonist that players will have to face throughout the campaign of Code Vein, weapon variations, and the function of your partner; an A.I controlled companion that will aid you on your journey. Let's dig into it, shall we?

Antagonist: Juzo Mido

Set to be a force to be reckoned with, Juzo Mido contends with the player throughout Code Vein. Originally a researcher before the Great Collapse, Mido turned his knowledge on adopted orphans, genetically modifying them to be experimental soldiers in various theatres of war. After the Collapse, Mido used his experience to engineer himself into a powerful Revenant; the self-same being that the player exists as in Code Vein. Check out a few screenshots of Mido, and his stylish allies below!

mido screens

mido and allies

mido blocks sword

Combo Drains

In Code Vein, players will be able to utilise Drain Attacks that rip a resource named Ichor from their foes that can be utilised in powerful combo moves and special attacks. The system, as explained by Bandai Namco, encourages an offensive playstyle with players needing Ichor to cast Gifts, the title's variant on a spell system. Drain Attacks, if successfully used, give players two Ichor to utilise with each successful hit.

drain attack

As it stands, players will be able to chain standard attacks and Drain Attacks together in moves known as Combo Drains, based on certain standard weapons and Blood Veils used in battle. Bandai Namco has released the Combo Drain move sets for two weapons, as outlined below in picturesque brutality!

The Hounds' Combo Drain

Hallmarked in close range power, the Blood Veil known as Hounds animates and bites at the enemy in a wide arc, executable after any close range attack.

hounds combo drain 1

hounds combo drain 2

hounds combo drain 3

hounds combo drain 4

The Stinger's Combo Drain

Opposed to the Hounds' might, the Blood Veil known as Stinger revels in long reach to skewer targets in co-ordination with shots from the bayonet; a ranged weapon. It is executable with consecutive bayonet attacks, utilising the Combo Drain as a finisher.

stinger's combo drain 1

stinger's combo drain 2

stinger's combo drain 3

stinger's combo drain 4

stinger's combo drain 5

Both of the Combo Drains shown can also be executed in Focus Mode, allowing players to strike down at enemies via an aerial attack. Due to the greater co-ordination involved, successful Combo Drain's in Focus mode via aerial attacks will both replenish Ichor at a greater rate as well as increase the overall maximum stock that players can have at their disposal.

Weapon Variations

|Code Vein will also feature variations in the same category of standard weaponry that a player can use to take down enemies within its post-apocalyptic world. Similar to Monster Hunter: World, the weapons in Code Vein each have unique functions that players can use to unleash variant attacks. Bandai Namco has released information on both One-Handed Swords and Two-Handed Swords, and what each individual weapon is capable of in battle.

One-Handed Swords

The Broadsword will sport a charge attack that, when swung, enhances a standard strike and, seemingly, will inflict more damage.

broadsword strike

The Hanemukuro, equipped with a Japanese-style blade, allows players to switch into a backhand grip for its variant attack, allowing for a more damaging strike. It also sports a charge attack that mimics the classic samurai draw seen in popular culture.

Hanemukuro strike

samurai draw 1

samurai draw 2

The Sunset Sword dominates the skies for its special attack, allowing the player to leap up and then slash with the sword directly below.

sunset sword attack 1

sunset sword attack 2

Two-Handed Swords

The Monstrous Cursed Sword sports a charge attack where the many-fanged edge of its blade unleashes a crimson shockwave following an upward slash.

monstrous cursed sword attack 1

monstrous cursed sword attack 2

monstrous cursed sword attack 3
The Zweihander sees the player ramming its gargantuan length into enemies, using its sizeable reach as a variant attack.

zweihander attack

The Nagimukuro's charged attack puts players in a dervish of blows that close the distance between enemies and themselves in record time.

Nagimukuro's attack 1

Nagimukuro's attack 2

Mia and Louis: Partners in Crime

In Code Vein, players will be able to recruit and adventure with an A.I controlled companion known as a 'Partner'. Bandai Namco has released information on two such Partners, known as Mia and Louis. Both individuals will utilize Gifts and standard attacks that will help the player in battle, acting a source of both support and distraction.


mia character artwork

Mia will utilize a specific Blood Veil known as the Stinger, mentioned above, to deal with enemies via Drain Attacks focusing on crowd-control.

mia's gift attack

During boss fights, Mia will also unleash a Gift known as 'Guard of Honor', summoning a number of blades formed out of ice that can be leveled against the boss being fought for extreme amounts of damage.

guard of honor 1

guard of honor 2


Louis art

Louis, on the other hand, utilizes a combo-focused Gift utilizing his Blood Veil, known as Blood Ogre, that encourages players to attack in tandem to gain as much Ichor as possible.

blood ogre combo

It has also been confirmed that he will have a boss-specific Gift to use, but it seems that information is set to be revealed at a later date.

Your Partner and Exploration

Whichever partner that the player chooses, the individual will commentate on the environment that the player chooses to explore, the overall healthiness of the player, and environmental dangers that might be present. All in all, it sounds like the Partner system might be a fantastic addition to the formula of difficulty that Code Vein seems to be bubbling up.

Phew, that's a lot of information to digest! If you're keen for more, check out our updated gallery for more of Code Vein's aesthetic. If you're curious about gameplay, check out reviewer Robert Fenner's preview!

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