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Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report: Entire Main Party to be Playable in Main Game, Episode Ardyn Announced, and More
Year 2 of extra content starts next month.
11.30.17 - 9:10 PM

Final Fantasy XV has been out for a whole year now and Director Hajime Tabata, Marketing Manager Akio Otsuka and Development Manager Daisuke Oe had several updates on the future of Final Fantasy XV in the latest Active Time Report, starting with the "First Anniversary Update", The update will allow players to switch between Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis in the main game; playing exactly like in their DLC episodes. The First Anniversary Update is due on December 12th.

final fantasy xv first year update

The December 12th update will also come bundled with a patch for Final Fantasy XV Comrades to fix several issues that included the inability to level up, preventing progress and bugs with multiple quests. 'Time Limited Quests' will be introduced, which matches players together to defeat waves of enemies within a time limit.

final fantasy xv multiplayer update

Episode Ignis Director Takeshi Terada provided an update on the upcoming DLC episode. He revealed that the episode will have twice as many story cutscenes as Episode Prompto and have multiple endings. Each ending will add context to the main game's ending without changing the outcome. Lastly, the DLC will come with an Extra Battle mode, which features a battle against Noctis.

final fantasy xv episode ignis

An additional three DLC episodes are planned for 2018. Episode Ardyn is confirmed to be the next one released and it will provide more information on the world of Eos. The team has taken note that a Luna DLC is in high demand, but has not confirmed one yet.

final fantasy xv episode ardyn

Tabata ended the report with an announcement that Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition has been delayed from Fall to Winter.

You can check out some videos of what's coming with Episode Ignis below, including an interview with Yasunori Mitsuda, the battle with Noctis, and a clip of party member switching in action.

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