Mike Salbato
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review
Behold the power of the written word.
11.30.17 - 9:36 AM

What a debut year for the Nintendo Switch. It launched with Zelda, a fan-favorite sequel in Splatoon 2, a new (and well loved) Mario title in October, and countless smaller and indie gems in between.

And somehow, before the year is out, we get a worldwide release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Remember how hard it was to get the first game in North America? We are certainly past the time when Nintendo in any region underestimates the appeal of this series.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Screenshot

But enough of that. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 releases tomorrow, but Rob Rogan has poured dozens and dozens of hours into it this month, and today, we're happy to bring you his Xenoblade Chronicles 2 review.

Give it a read and ponder with me the possibility of just sleeping through the rest of today until this game releases. It sounds like we're in for something special.