Mike Salbato
A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy Concert Impressions
Read on for why you should seek out one of these performances yourself.
11.28.17 - 2:14 PM

What a time we live in, where there is not one, but two ongoing tours of musical performances for Final Fantasy.

Distant Worlds has been touring for many years now — we wrote about their Boston show back in 2012 — while the "newer" tour, A New World has been around since 2014.

A proofreader for a good many articles on RPGFan since she started in February, Hilary attended A New World last month in Denver, Colorado, and today we share her impressions from this performance.

Unsurprisingly, I now know that I need to experience one of these shows for myself one day, so her impressions are well worth a read for you music aficionados. And if you're not, well, maybe this could bring you into the fold.