Trent Argirov
Meet the Dwarf in New Dragon's Crown Pro Character Trailer
Possessing muscles beyond measure!
11.26.17 - 10:27 PM

Publisher Atlus and developer VanillaWare have released another entry in their character trailer series for the upcoming remaster of Dragon's Crown Pro.

dragons crown pro box

The trailer focuses on the Dwarf, a powerful, muscular fighter that players can choose to play, netting them powerful throwing techniques and savage martial ability. Check it out below!

It seems like players will have a fearsome ally in the Dwarf for the battle against medieval evil, alongside some other capable adventurers.

Personally, I hope Dragon's Crown Pro makes its way stateside; I'm itching for more VanillaWare greatness.

Dragon's Crown Pro is set to release in Japan on February 8th, 2018 for the PlayStation 4. No release date has been confirmed for other regions, but if that changes RPGFan will be the first to let you know!