Mike Salbato
From Cornelia to Eos: A Final Fantasy Series Retrospective from a First Timer - Part I
Up first: The NES era and Final Fantasy I-III.
11.24.17 - 10:37 PM

When we started building this big Final Fantasy feature in late summer, Keegan spoke up with a ridiculous idea: "Hey, I haven't played most of the older Final Fantasy games, so how about I play through every one of them by December and write my impressions as a first-timer?"

I mean, who would do that? Well, Keegan would. Hundreds of collective hours later, he compiled and compressed (kompressed?) his thoughts into four collections, broken up largely by era and platform.

We begin today with From Cornelia to Eos Part I, in which Keegan covers the NES titles: Final Fantasy I, II, and III.

Look for Part II in early December!