Mike Salbato
Fabula Nova Anniversaris: Celebrating Thirty Years of Final Fantasy
No big deal, it's just the biggest feature we've ever done.
11.21.17 - 12:40 PM

You didn't think we'd let 2017 end without acknowledging Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary in some way, did you? Perish the thought.

This is a big feature: Big enough that we will be adding to it for the remainder of 2017. I won't bore you with an introduction to more introductions, so here's where to begin:

Fabula Nova Anniversaris Feature

We've set up a Fabula Nova Anniversaris Hub which will introduce our feature and also serve as an ongoing log of updates as we progress. Updates will also be on the RPGFan main page, but this will give you a feature-focused list.

One of the key components of this mega-feature could have been a standalone feature on its own. Memoria collects thoughts and memories for every single mainline Final Fantasy game (and maybe some surprises later on) from a multitude of editors, in one of our largest collaborative pieces ever. Today, we launch with memories for Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, with more to come.

Look for updates to Memoria and the entirety of Fabula Nova Anniversaris twice a week throughout 2017. We're just getting started!