Chris Gebauer
New Valkyria Project Will Be Announced on November 20th
But will it be classic Valkyria, or something new?
11.14.17 - 6:10 PM

Sega has done something delightfully frustrating by announcing an announcement: on November 20th, Sega will announce a new entry in its Valkyria series. The publisher also revealed a teaser site which will evolve every day at noon in Japan until the announcement day.

Valkyria Chronicles

This is potentially outstanding news, especially if it is a continuation of the gameplay of the Valkyria Chronicles series. However until we reach the 20th, we will only have a teaser site and its updates to go on, so chalk this article up to the hype machine... but WHO CARES, VALKYRIA HYPE!!!

I would love nothing more than this series to find its footing again, so stay tuned to RPGFan as we await further details.