John Alas
New Metal Max Xeno Details and Trailer Released
Venture through a post-apocalyptic future soon.
11.14.17 - 5:58 PM

Kadokawa Games has released several new details about Metal Max Xeno the latest entry in the long running post-apocalyptic RPG series. Xeno also marks the series debut on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

metal max xeno

The setting is "Death Tokio", a wasteland where mankind's end is imminent. Set near the end of the 21st century in 209X, the story follows protagonist Talis, his companions and the series signature tanks. Shown above is the series staple tank R-Wolf. This tank's incarnation has two new features, "shooting" and "ET shield".

Shooting allows you shoot on the field to get the upper hand on strong enemies with a preemptive strike. Weaker enemies can be instantly demolished with this method. ET shield increases the tank's defenses using its remaining energy. If the tanks's energy is depleted, each part of the tank will take direct damage and risk breaking off.

metal max xeno characters

The characters include protagonist Talis, a human whose left side has been mechanized. He wishes to get revenge against a powerful monster who murdered his friends, mother and foster father. He wound up in the Iron Base during his quest for revenge.

Pictured above with Talis is Toni, a young woman who settled in the Iron Base town with her father. After the town was attacked, her father was killed and she survived. She joins the protagonist after having been saved in a critical situation.

metal max xeno yokky

The final party member to be revealed was Yokky, a war orphan raised in the Iron Base. He has a passion for tinkering with machinery and is skilled at repairs and maintenance engineering. He has a crush on Toni, his former neighbor in the Iron Base.

metal max xeno sons

Shown above is a member of the antagonists Sons of NOA (SoNs). SoNs are a race of vicious monsters that are responsible for turning Death Tokio into a wasteland. Unlike other monsters, they appear to be united in their goal of destruction. Lastly, there is a trailer previewing the gameplay. See it below.

Metal Max Xeno is scheduled to release in Japan for PS4 and Vita in Spring 2018. No international release has been confirmed at this time.