Trent Argirov
Nioh: Complete Edition Now Available For PC
Play through the entirety of William's journey in full!
11.09.17 - 8:17 PM

Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja have released Nioh: Complete Edition for PC, marking the samurai action-RPG's first release on the platform.

nioh complete edition logo

Nioh: Complete Edition contains the entirety of samurai William Adams' tale across Sengoku-era Japan, including the base game and all previously released DLC expansions: The Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and Bloodshed's End.

nioh complete edition artwork

As a gift from Team NINJA, players will, upon purchase of Nioh: Complete Edition, gain the unique Dharmachakra Kabuto helmet, a stylish mix of crimson and iron, as seen below.

nioh complete edition logo

Players will have access to different power levels in Nioh: Complete Edition, as opposed to the base game's release, with all weapon types, ninjutsu and onmyo magic available to players from journey's beginning.

Such power will be needed as players' combat yokai and vagrants through various regions in Japan, including Oshu and Osaka in The Dragon of the North and Defiant Honor respectively.

nioh complete edition location

nioh complete edition location

Alternatively, once players have finished the entirety of Williams' journey, they can throw themselves against a co-operative game mode called The Abyss. Players can sojourn with themselves and two friends in an endless mode aimed to be the capstone in difficulty for Nioh thus far, with savage boss battles and debuffs seeming to try and bring players' skill and tactical thought into the forefront.

Additionally, both a launch trailer and an accolades trailer have been released, showcasing both the game in stylistic, brutal glory and what critics have been saying about Nioh as a whole. Check those out below!

Nioh: Complete Edition Launch Trailer

Nioh: Complete Edition Accolades Trailer

If all that didnít whet your appetite for samurai-infused action, perhaps reviewer Robert Steinman's thoughts might pique your interest! If you're curious about the feel and aesthetic of William's foes and the landscapes he travels in, check out our gallery!

Nioh: Complete Edition is available now for Windows PC, via Steam, for $49.99 in North America and equivalent prices dependent on region.

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