Trent Argirov
Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Coming To Consoles November 15th
Defeat the beasties of Eos with your pals!
11.08.17 - 9:58 PM

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, the multiplayer expansion to the base game, will be launching on consoles come November 15th.

comrades screens

The expansion will be available to all who purchased Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass or can be purchased separately. The expansion will also require an internet connection and either a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription to play.

comrades screens

During their adventures within Comrades, players will take on the mantle of a Kingsglaive survivor, one of the royal protectors of the Lucian bloodline, embarking on quests within a ruined Eos to restore order and stability to a world overcome with darkness.

comrades screens

As previously reported, players will gain their abilities through collecting Royal Sigils of the Lucian royal bloodline that will determine their role in fights, and the wider framework of the expansion.

Personally, I'm impressed with the amount of tinkering and improvements that the development team of Final Fantasy XV has applied to the base game and the subsequent Season Pass releases.

Here's hoping Comrades brings a different element to the world of Eos in a positive way!

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades will be available to players on November 15th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

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