Trent Argirov
The Surge Gets New Expansion Titled 'A Walk in the Park', Launching Later This Year
A spooky theme park and corrupted robots? Count me in.
11.08.17 - 9:55 PM

Developer Deck13 and publisher Focus Home Interactive have announced that The Surge will be getting a spooky expansion titled A Walk in the Park, pitting players against all manner of robotic foes within a corrupted theme park.

the surge walk in the park screenshot

Following a harrowing journey within CREO's industrial complex, players will have the opportunity to sojourn through CREO's amusement park, aptly titled CREO World, in the pursuit of greater challenges and rewards extending beyond the base game.

the surge walk in the park screenshot

Players will fight all manner of enemies suited for the setting, such as help teams driven insane by corruption, and robotic mascots just waiting to 'welcome' those that come within CREO World's boundaries. The park itself will sport 'branching paths' and 'secrets to discover', with sixteen new weapons, sets of armor, and implants to allow players greater degrees of customisation.

the surge walk in the park screenshot

Players will also have a Complete Edition of The Surge coming to consoles and PC later this year. It will contain the base game, all current DLC, and A Walk in the Park, touted by Deck13 as the 'ultimate The Surge experience'.

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A Walk in the Park and The Surge: Complete Edition will be coming at an unspecified date later this year, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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