Kimi no Hitomi ni Hit Me Coming to PS4 and Vita on February 22nd, 2018.
They're gonna "hit" us with a new heroine and CG events!
11.06.17 - 10:26 AM

Giga's visual novel Kimi no Hitomi ni Hit Me, originally released in January for PC, is now coming to PS4 and Vita with a new Heroine (named Hotori Kurihara) and additional CG events on February 22nd, 2018.

giga visual novel kimi no hitomi ni hit me ps4 vita

The game tells the story of Akira, who was the only member of a classic literature club in danger of disbanding. As the deadline for recruiting new members approaches, however, the student council president, Hotori, comes to him with a suggestion, and introduces him to four girls who are less interested in saving the club than they are in starting their own.