Robert Steinman
Random Encounter 131: Who Wants a Job?
I'd like to be a white mage, personally.
07.25.17 - 3:24 PM

It's a scorcher outside for most of America, so we suggest staying in the air conditioning and listening to the latest episode of Random Encounter. I mean, you could also wear that vest thing Vaan's sporting, but this works too, right?

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Random Encounter 131: Who Wants a Job?

We've obviously got to talk about Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, so that's what you're going to hear about for the vast majority of this episode of Random Encounter. Derek, Caitlin and Steph all seem to love it, and you'd probably do well to check it out yourself. After that, Rob talks a bit about his return to XCOM 2, and then we look at Famitsu's (questionable?) list of the top RPGs of all time.

Featuring: Robert Steinman, Derek Heemsbergen, Caitlin Argyros and Stephanie Sybydlo