Trent Argirov
New Nioh DLC 'Defiant Honor' Arrives July 25th
Watch out for those Yokai!
07.21.17 - 11:24 AM

Team Ninja has announced, via PlayStation Blog, that Defiant Honor, the second DLC for smash hit Nioh will be available for players come July 25th.

defiant honor

Defiant Honor will take place on the outskirts and inside Osaka Castle, a formidable bastion within the Sengoku Era of Japanese history. Set in harrowing winter climes, players will see the brutal struggle between the legendary warrior Sanada Yukimura and the Toyotomi clan versus the Tokugawa clan, the faction that William, the protagonist of Nioh fights beside.

defiant honor

The DLC will also include the Tonfa, an entirely new weapon class, as well as new magic items, new armour, new guardian spirits and, intrinsic to the brutality that Nioh provides, new enemies and Yokai for players to duel in savage samurai showdowns.

In addition to the content itself, Defiant Honor will sport new Trophies and difficulty levels, allowing players to test themselves beyond the limits of what has come before.

Defiant Honor will arrive on PlayStation 4 on July 25th, retailing for $9.99, and will be free to those who purchased a season pass for Nioh. If you're curious as to what RPGFan thought of Nioh check out our review, penned by reviewer Robert Steinman. Stay tuned to RPGFan for all things Nioh!