Mike Salbato
New Stream Debut: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood - Omega (Savage)
Come and see Scott and co. tackle today's new raid... today!
07.18.17 - 12:17 PM

Following its launch last month, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood this morning received its second content update. The headlining features of today's Patch 4.05 are the new Lost Canals of Uznair, a followup to the treasure-filled Aquapolis from Heavensward, and, of course, the Savage version of the Omega raid.

Officially titled Omega: Deltascape (Savage), hardcore players like our own Scott Clay have been anticipating this day since Stormblood launched, and since he's going to jump right in to these battles tonight, he'll be streaming his group's progress. And since our streaming schedule has opened up a bit recently, he'll be broadcasting all three nights of his raid each week.

Starting tonight at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern, you can drop by and follow Scott's Omega adventures every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening at the same times. As always, you can watch here, but you definitely want to head over to our Twitch channel tonight and take part in the chat.

Watch live video from RPGFan.com on www.twitch.tv

Finally, look for our review of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood coming soon!