Mike Salbato
Kingdom Hearts III To Feature Toy Story World, Release in 2018
Straight from the D23 Expo.
07.15.17 - 5:22 PM

The Kingdom Hearts III panel at the Disney D23 expo just wrapped, with Tetsuya Nomura revealing the all-new Toy Story world coming to the sequel. But before we get to that, can we talk about how the new footage ended with the line "Coming 2018"? Because while we love to joke about how the game is never coming out, they've never dared assign even a vague release date to it. Hopefully this means development is progressing nicely.

Now then, let's look at our adorable plastic toy versions of Sora and crew, and the fantastic recreation of a home and neighborhood from Toy Story:

Kingdom Hearts III Toy Story

Kingdom Hearts III Toy Story

In the short trailer, Sora, Donald, and Goofy fend off some attacking Heartless, and meet up with Woody, Buzz, and Rex, who explain that some of their friends have gone missing. And how great are video games, that I can actually write a sentence like that?

The groups join up and head to Galaxy Toys to track down the missing toys, where we get to see a fun new gameplay mode, where Sora can leap into "giant" (by toy scale standards) robots and attack Heartless with its laser cannons:

Kingdom Hearts III Toy Story

Watch the whole reveal, which includes some previously-seen footage of the Hercules world, right here:

See more screens in our Kingdom Hearts III gallery, and look for more news... eventually! Nomura alluded to the fact that he's working on the next big announcement, but didn't give a timeframe on that, so we'll just need to be patient.