Mike Salbato
Twitch Sunday Stream: Shining Force II
Tah!? Oh, that's Shining Force III.
07.08.17 - 12:48 PM

This was inevitable, wasn't it? If you missed Maxx's 70+ part Shining Force playthrough, you can catch up on our YouTube channel. He enjoyed playing the SEGA classic so much that he's back to spend some time with the sequel.

Me, I played both games, but ages ago, so the only thing that I remember from Shining Force II is the thrill of promoting the protagonist and getting a green Return of the Jedi!Luke lightsaber.

Plus there's like, strategy, and stuff.

Watch the stream on our Twitch channel or right here, Sunday morning. Be sure to drop by the chat and encourage Maxx to turn this one-off stream into a weekly thing. :D

Watch live video from RPGFancom on www.twitch.tv

As an aside, our Shining Force II review linked below is some of the oldest content on RPGFan, hailing from 1998!