Scott Clay
Week in Review, 7/7/2017
A Summer of Fun Awaits Us.
07.08.17 - 11:29 AM

Summer is starting to heat up, and so is the RPGFan team. Lots of amazing games due out this summer and you can be sure we will cover them all. This week we have two previews from Nicholas Ransbottom and Robert Fenner, reviews from Sara Tjan, and news from Peter Triezenberg and Derek Heemsbergen.

Preview by Nicholas Ransbottom

The HD release of Final Fantasy XII is due out next week which is exciting, I mean, who doesn't want to see Vaan's abs in HD? But if you are still on the fence about picking this one up then have a gander at Nicholas Ransbottom's preview of the title. Our review of the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will be out shortly if you want an even more in-depth look before making your decision.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Screenshot

Story by Derek Heemsbergen

So what happens to the Los Angeles Convention Center after E3 is finished? Well, the just as big Anime Expo happens, which allows a lot of publishers to return to LA for another opportunity to show off their games. Derek Heemsbergen got a chance to sit down and talk to Aksys Games about all the future games coming out which includes a plethora of otome games. And boy there are a lot.

Preview by Robert Fenner

Are you looking to scratch that visual novel itch? Well then you should check out Chaos;Child coming out this winter. From the same developer that made the fantastic Steins;Gate games comes a sequel to their other great visual novel Chaos;Head. If you can't wait till this winter to play this sequel, then at least check out Robert Fenner's preview of the game to maybe hold you over until then.

Chaos;Child Screenshot

Story by Peter Triezenberg

So Dissidia Final Fantasy is finally heading to consoles next year, but the original arcade version is still getting frequent updates that, hopefully, we will see in the console release. This time you have the beautiful Lunar Subterrane from Final Fantasy IV to do battle on. I mean, it doesn't get much more Final Fantasy than doing battle on the moon.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Screenshot

Review by Sara Tjan

The fifth installment in the Prescription for Sleep series just so happens to be based on the amazing Undertale soundtrack. The question is, could anyone take the already great Undertale soundtrack and make it even better? Well, check out Sara Tjan's review of this album to find the answer to that question and more. The answer is yes, by the way, as that soundtrack can do no wrong.

Undertale Screenshot

And that's a wrap for this week. Be sure to check back on the front page for all your RPG news and reviews.