Robert Steinman
Random Encounter 130: Happy Canada Day!
Pancakes and maple syrup for everyone!
07.04.17 - 12:03 PM

Lots of celebrations and holidays going on this week, but you should take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to hit up the crew of Random Encounter. Amidst all the fireworks and general shenanigans is a ton of video game talk about old and new games alike. Crack open a cold one for us!

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Random Encounter 130: Happy Canada Day!

While our friends up north are partying away, we thought it was a good idea to check in and see what everyone's been playing post E3. It's probably one of the most random episode of Random Encounter, as we talk about everything from Diablo 3's necromancer to Tokyo Xanadu. Oh, and there's a little Breath of the Wild and NieR talk, but nothing spoiler related. Enjoy and stay cool, friends!

Featuring: Robert Steinman, Michael Sollosi, Steph Sybydlo and Jesse Woo