Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: CD Theater Dragon Quest V Volume 1-3 Review
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07.03.17 - 10:02 PM

How timely is it that the game Retro Encounter wrapped up for June happened to be next in our CD Theater Dragon Quest Drama series? Well, in case you're feeling the Dragon Quest V blues, we have you covered with volumes 1-3 of CD Theater Dragon Quest V. If the game is still fresh in your mind, then following Dragon Quest V's Hero's adventure throughout the album is quite a treat. Patrick Gann, once again, does a lovely job describing the events on each volume so you get a general idea of what's happening and you're not completely lost while listening.. I've never played Dragon Quest V, so I appreciate his diligence on fleshing out the world I'm listening to while sketching out the scenery in mind. Enjoy the read and samples, dear reader!