Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: CD Theater Dragon Quest IV Volume 1-3 Review
We're back with delicious Dragon Quest IV drama albums!
06.19.17 - 8:38 PM

Hopefully you didn't forget about us starting our super special CD Theater Dragon Quest music drama series (say that 10 times fast)! Continuing our trek down this musically dramatic path, we have volumes 1-3 of the CD Theater Dragon Quest IV collection. If you're familiar with DQIV's soundtrack, then you're in for a treat listening to the magic on these albums. While I wish there were at least some fan translation on what's happening during the scene, I'm still excited hearing the dialog, sound effects, and arrangements on each track. Until then, Reading along with Patrick Gann's review of each of these volumes does the job and has me pumped for the next CD Theater Dragon Quest volume set! Enjoy the samples and read, dear readers!