Keegan Lee
E3 2017: Final Fantasy XV Gets New VR Game, Monsters Of The Deep
Fishing Fantasy XV
06.13.17 - 6:18 PM

When E3 predictions were running rampant, many people were speculating about what news would come from Square Enix. Would we see a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII? Perhaps more information on the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3? Well, it turns out that Square Enix had other plans.

At the Sony press conference, Square Enix revealed a new spin-off for Final Fantasy XV, exclusively for PlayStation VR. Going by the name of Monsters Of The Deep, gamers will get to experience one of the more impressive side quests from the game. While details are scarce at the moment, players will take the role of Noctis as they explore the finest fishing spots in Eos. What do these fishing spots have in store for us? Only time will tell.

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