Trent Argirov
E3 2017: Bioware Reveals Official Gameplay for New IP 'Anthem'
The more mech-suits in gaming, the better, I say!
06.12.17 - 1:32 PM

Bioware and EA have revealed the first official gameplay of their new online, co-operative, action-RPG Anthem during Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference.

The gameplay opens and focuses on two players undertaking an expedition beyond the world of safety that they know, as Freelancers, whom are able to use and pilot 'Javelins'; powerful mech-suits customizable and varied in make and design.

As the two players begin their mission, throwing themselves off the outskirts of their safe hub-space, named Fort Tarsus, the sheer verticality and open world environment comes to the fore. Travel by Javelin is highlighted in jetpack controlled descent and flight, through the juxtaposition of well-rendered spacious ruins and flora.

The gameplay also showcases the Javelin's abilities, highlighting powerful displays of destruction delivered via homing missiles and bullets a-flying. Loot drop and resource gathering systems seem to also be in place, with one of the players gaining a legendary weapon after a particularly hairy combat encounter.

The footage ends with two more players joining the fight, and an environmental oddity, called a 'Shaper Storm' manifesting itself in front of them, in a brilliant white and blue portal, with the players surging towards it, hinting at random encounters that players will be able to experience and explore within Anthem''s world.

All in all, Anthem seems titular in its reveal, and, personally, I look forward to what else both Bioware and EA have in store for us over the coming months.

Anthem is expected to launch during Fall 2018, for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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