Robert Steinman
Random Encounter 128: E3 2017 Hype!
Time to get excited, people!
06.06.17 - 6:50 PM

Do you hear that, folks? That ominous sound of huge reveals, screaming crowds, and an insane number of people in a relatively small space? Well, E3 2017 is just around the corner, and we're starting to mentally steel ourselves for what lies ahead. Please join the Random Encounter podcast to hear what we're excited to see and some of our expectations going in to this year's show.

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Random Encounter 128: E3 2017 Hype!

Following some Fire Emblem Echoes and Surge talk, it's off to the hallowed E3 hype discussion. What are we excited to see at this year's trade show? Can we expect any news on the Final Fantasy VII remake? What about the latest titles from From Software? Will we ever see Kingdom Hearts III? Whatever the case, join us as we mentally prepare for what lies ahead in LA.

Featuring: Robert Steinman and Derek Heemsbergen

Special Guest: Stephen Meyerink, localization specialist