Chris Gebauer
Fallen Legion Gets a Release Date on PS4 and PS Vita
The action RPG is just around the corner.
05.29.17 - 7:54 PM

Developer YummyYummyTummy (great name) has announced that their upcoming action RPG Fallen Legion will release on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on July 25.

Fallen Legions Gameplay

The game will sport different versions depending on your platform of choice: on PlayStation 4 the game will release as Fallen Legions: Sins of an Empire while the PS Vita version will be called Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion. Each version will show a different perspective to the same story while also featuring a slew of player choice along their journey. However you navigate through the world of Fenumia will shape the future of the war-torn empire.

Fallen Legions Gameplay

Below you can check out more details straight from the developer:

Players will see the war from conflicting perspectives in two entirely different games. Each Fallen Legion title has a different story, levels, story branches, and exclusive boss battles. The Fallen Legion games have an intense battle system where you simultaneously command up to four characters. Between clashes with enemy armies and fearsome monsters, players make world changing choices: Will you quell an uprising with the might of your army or use propaganda to placate a town? There are many paths to discover in Fallen Legion and each choice changes how your story will unfold.

While we wait for more news leading up to the game's July 25 release, you can check out all the new screenshots for the game here. When we know more, so will you.