John Tucker
RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Night in the Woods
And happy ever after?
05.27.17 - 10:31 AM

We tend to be fairly stingy with perfect scores here at RPGFan — I'm not sure we've ever given a game an overall score of 100% (but if I'm forgetting one and you let me know, I'll give you a shout-out in my correction of this article), and we rarely give them in individual categories.

But this week on our regularly-scheduled Sunday Streaming, we've got a game that earned one of those rare 100% scores for its story: Night in the Woods. If you'd like to see what would inspire such a score, drop by our Twitch channel this Sunday at 1 PM Eastern to see Caitlin play through this indie title, and then keep coming back, as she'll be continuing her playthrough on her regular Thursday evenings at 5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern.

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