Scott Clay
Week in Review, 5/26/2017
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
05.26.17 - 9:19 PM

E3 draws near, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood draws near, hell, a lot of cool stuff is coming in June, and I just can't wait. But it's still May, and we still have a bunch of news and reviews to get through until June. This week we have reviews from Robert Steinman, Derek Heemsbergen, and Rob Rogan and news stories from Scott Clay, Peter Triezenberg, and Jesse Woo.

Story by Scott Clay

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is so close, oh so close, and this week's Letter From the Producer Live has built the hype up. But don't worry if you missed out on any of the juicy information from the live letter as we have an entire recap for you, along with some fancy screenshots of all the cool new battle system changes. Just the thought of being able to do four or more Fell Cleaves in a row is making me count the days till release.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Screenshot

Review by Rob Rogan

Miss those RPGs of yesteryear? Those RPGs with amazing 16-bit graphics, awesome story lines, and fun characters? I think we all do, but sometimes nostalgia can cloud our view. Still, a game that tries its best to bring back that 16-bit glory might be worth checking out. Rob Rogan's review of Cosmic Star Heroine has all the juicy details.

Csmic Star Heroine Screenshot

Story by Peter Triezenberg

If you missed the news last week that an HD version of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is coming out on the PS4, then don't miss the news that it's already out for you to pick up. This PS2 classic is 100% worth checking out!

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Box Art

Review by Derek Heemsbergen

You know what I love? When developers take all the DLC for a game and put out a definitive edition of the game that includes all of it in a nice little package. You know what I like even better? When they make the game portable at the same time, and that's what you are getting with Disgaea 5 Complete for the Switch. Derek Heemsbergen has the low down on the Switch's first of hopefully many RPGs.

Disgaea 5 Complete Screenshot

Story by Jesse Woo

Trails of Cold Steel series is heading for an exciting climax, and finally, information on it is starting to make the rounds. What's even cooler is that more Trails in the Sky characters will be joining the cast this time around. If the wait for the 3rd game is too much to bear, then you can always join us on our Twitch channel for the next week or so and watch us play through Trails of Cold Steel 2.

Trails of Cold Steel 3 Screenshot

Review by Robert Steinman

Sometimes it's hard to imagine that an FPS game can be more RPG than... well, FPS, but games like System Shock and Deus Ex broke the mold in years past. And if you are hungering to scratch that System Shock or Deus Ex itch then Prey may be a game that is right up your alley. Robert Steinman has all the amazing details in his review of this immersive game.

Prey Screenshot

And that's a wrap for this week. Be sure to check back on the front page for all your RPG news and reviews.