Mike Salbato
A Closer Look at Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood's New Actions & Gear
Paladin gives you wings!
05.24.17 - 1:23 AM

Yesterday's record-length 4+ hour Letter From the Producer Live debuted the most drastic changes yet seen in Final Fantasy XIV (aside from the relaunch). Changes abound for the battle system, with some much-needed housecleaning and streamlining, on top of several new actions that will become available.

We posted several screens from the video, but today we have much clearer, direct-feed stills of each combat class doing something cool, from Bard's new arrow storm, and arguably the flashiest new skill we've seen, on Paladin:

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Paladin Action

Good thing I'm already sitting down... So, in addition to these screens (click the shiny Paladin above to get to the gallery), we've also added CG artwork for all of the Artifact 3 gear. The Artifact gear in each major update is designed to echo the most traditional renditions of classic Final Fantasy jobs, such as the blue robes and yellow hat of Black Mage...

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Black Mage Artifact 3 Gear

...to the black spikiness of Dark Knight...

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Dark Knight Artifact 3 Gear

...and the style and flair of Red Mage and Bard:

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Red Mage Artifact 3 Gear Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Bard Artifact 3 Gear

Check out more in our gallery, and expect to see a gradual increase in new Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood content leading up to its June 20th release! (Or June 16 if you pre-order)