Colin Burns
Get a Sneak Peak at Indivisible's New Battle UI
Man, this game has style.
05.18.17 - 9:41 PM

After remaining relatively silent for awhile, developer Lab Zero has shared a look at the battle interface in their upcoming 2D, side-scrolling RPG, Indivisible. The battle system is part of what makes the game so unique, with each of your four party members actions are mapped to the corresponding face button on the controller which makes dealing out damage feel more like a fighting game than a traditional RPG. Lab Zero is the developer who created the cult-classic Skullgirls fighting game and it is easy to see its influence on Indivisible. Check out the new look for the battle UI below.

A playable prototype for Indivisible is available on Steam and PlayStation 4. The game is planned for a 2018 release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux.