Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: Valkyria: Azure Revolution OST Review
That is some sweet album cover art.
05.15.17 - 4:09 PM

I haven't kept up with the Valkyria Chronicles series, so I'm not familiar with its music besides it being composed by Hitoshi Sakimato (who usually does a fine job when given a project). However, I made it my mission to keep tabs on its spin-off, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, when I heard Yasunori Mitsuda was going to score the game. I absolutely adore Mitsuda's work, so when the soundtrack arrived, I soaked up every musical note that poured out of the headphones. Do I think this soundtrack is amazing? Yes! However, I tend to have rose-tinted glasses when it comes to Mitsuda and Michiko Naruke (they can do no wrong). That's why the venerable Ronald Buie has taken some time to write his thoughts on the Valkyria: Azure Revolution OST. Will the review match up with my adoration for Mitsuda's music? Well, enjoy the read and samples, dear readers, and see you on the side.