Scott Clay
Danganropa V3's Monokubs Are Dying To Meet You
How does a monochromatic robot bear have kids anyway?
05.11.17 - 7:12 PM

You have met all the new Ultimates that will arrive in Dangangropa V3: Killing Harmony, but today we introduce you to the five new antagonists of Danganropa V3, the Monokubs.

Danganropa V3 Killing Harmony Monokubs


Danganropa V3 Killing Harmony Monotaro

Monotaro is the leader of the 5 Monokubs and dresses up much like a ninja. Although he is the leader of the Monokubs, he often struggles to keep his crazy siblings focused on the task at hand. How could he, when he often acts childish and scatterbrained as well?


Danganropa V3 Killing Harmony Monosuke

Monosuke is the opinionated and rational member of the Monokubs and ends up playing the straight man in a lot of the group's antics. He hates foul language, but not foul play as he insists that the Monokubs should always be hostile toward each other.


Danganropa V3 Killing Harmony Monokid

Monokid loves violence and has a tendency to be short tempered. He often doesn't pay attention to the group's plans and butts in only when he feels it's appropriate. His incoherent nonsense often leads to the group's conversations getting derailed, but Monokid doesn't care. He also loves to bully Monodam and ends his sentences with the catchphrase, "Hell yeah!"


Danganropa V3 Killing Harmony Monophanie

The only female member of the group, Monophanie is the kindest of them all. She often has a problem with gore and violence, and when the Monokubs start to argue she tries to smooth things over with them. Often this doesn't work out, and she just gets caught up in the quarrels as well. She likes to nod off a lot and often suggests that the killing game be changed to something less violent.


Danganropa V3 Killing Harmony Monodam

Monodam is the weirdest one of the group, as unlike his siblings he doesn't have a plushie like body. Instead, his is very robotic and hard. Just like his body, his heart has also hardened after years of bullying he has received from his siblings; it's no wonder why he doesn't talk to them much.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony comes out for the PlayStation 4 and Vita on September 26th in North America and September 29th in Europe. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on the Danganronpa series.