Scott Clay
Akiba's Beat's Maid Trailer is at Your Service
Service with a smile.
05.11.17 - 7:10 PM

Akiba's Beat launches later this month, and XSEED has another awesome trailer for everyone. The trailer focuses on the different maids that will accompany you and guide you through the many different Delusionscapes that you will come across. They can even come to your aid in battle if you get lucky enough. The three prominent maids in the game are Moe Suzumori (voiced by Alexis Tipton), Yoshino Saionji (voiced by Lauren Landa), and Kanata Saotome (voiced by Karen Strassman). There might even be some more out there for you to find. Check out the trailer below.

Akiba's Beat releases for the PlayStation 4 and Vita on May 16th.