Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: Undertale Piano Collections Review
You had me at Undertale.
05.08.17 - 6:44 PM

One of the many soundtracks that reappears in my listening docket is Toby Fox's deliciousness called Undertale. There are just too many great pieces on there that tickle the senses, bring merriment to my soul, and pull at my ever-tender heart strings. Curious to see if I could elicit these same feelings again, I searched valiantly through the online jungle that is the internet (VGMdb, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp, really), and found many, many wonderful arrangements. Luckily, we have Patrick Gann with us here today with his review of one of these wonderful arranged albums in the musical thicket: Undertale Piano Collections. I find Augustine Mayuga Gonzales' performance of the pieces delectable. Does Patrick feel the same? Well, enjoy the read and samples, dear reader, to find out!