Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: NieR: Automata OST HACKING TRACKS Review
Hacking the gat-wait a sec, wrong hacking!
05.01.17 - 8:08 PM

One of the things I enjoy is seeing what happens when people create 8-bit arrangements of any type of music. One of my favorite albums like this is Brad Smith's Classic Chips. I absolutely adore this album (especially track 04, "Clair de Lune") and would love for more types of music (such as classical music and soundtrack music) to receive this treatment. If you pre-ordered the NieR: Automata soundtrack, then you were fortunate enough to receive an 8-bit arrangement album of selections from NieR: Automata OST. A few other editors and I were able to secure a copy, and I can say for certain that this is something special! Thankfully, we have Patrick Gann to share his thoughts on this lovely album. Enjoy the read and samples, dear readers!