Robert Steinman
Random Encounter 123: The Dreaded Yokai
Stab, dodge, repeat.
02.20.17 - 1:52 PM

We've got another huge episode for y'all, and of course we're starting to get excited for all of the upcoming heavy hitters in the next few months (Horizon, Zelda, Persona, etc). As always, please send us your questions and suggestions so we can make the best show possible!

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Random Encounter 123: The Dreaded Yokai

So, is Nintendo's mobile strategy paying off in Fire Emblem Heroes? Did Rob finally come around on Nioh? Did Michael kill all the metal slimes in Dragon Quest VIII? Can Derek hate a Digimon game even harder? And has Peter finally gotten a good Kingdom Hearts game? Find out on our latest episode of Random Encounter!

Featuring: Robert Steinman, Derek Heemsbergen, Michael Sollosi and Peter Triezenberg