Keegan Lee
Corpse Party: Blood Drive Gets Released on iOS and Android
Now you can watch your friends die on the go!
02.18.17 - 3:07 PM

The newest entry in TeamGrisGris and 5bp's cult horror series Corpse Party has been released on iOS and Android. Corpse Party: Blood Drive, originally released on the Vita, is the final entry in the "Heavenly Host Elementary" series. Breaking away from its 2D roots, players now get to experience the bloody frights and scares the games are well known for in full 3D, bringing the series to terrifying new heights.

New features in the mobile version include an adjusted difficulty, a quick save system, and the ability to back up saves to iCloud and the Google Play Game Service, allowing players to continue their game on separate devices. Initial pricing starts at $12.99 USD, with the price going up to $31.99 USD in March.

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