John Tucker
RPGFan Sunday Streaming: The Blackwell Legacy
I ain't afraid of no ghosts! Well, at least not Joey, he's my friend.
02.18.17 - 1:22 PM

If you've been visiting RPGFan for a while, you're probably already aware that I like point & click adventure games. So it's unlikely to be surprising that when I was trying to decide what we could stream this Sunday, that's the genre that came to mind.

The Blackwell Legacy is the first in a series of games where you play as a person who can see ghosts and must help them resolve their unresolved business in order to help them move on. Because a ghost with unresolved business can be bad news for everyone alive in the area. Fortunately, you've also got a ghost who's on your side and who helps you crack the cases.

The entire series is available at this point, and I've enjoyed them all, so come by and watch with me as I play through the first game in the series again, this Sunday morning at 1 PM EST!

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