Chris Gebauer
Noctis' Parody Cup Noodles Hat is Being Made into Final Fantasy XV DLC
Once again comedy has become reality....
02.18.17 - 3:22 AM

Back in December of 2016 Nissin did a hilarious parody video of Final Fantasy XV for Cup Noodles, you know, that product that you find everywhere in the game? Well the video was (and is) hilarious, and it features Noctis wearing a wonderfully goofy Cup Noodles hat. as refresher, you can check out the hilarity below:

Turns out the hat isn't just comedic gold, it is about to become DLC.

This revelation come from NIssin's official website, where they show off the set of 15 Cup Noodles themed after various boss characters from throughout the Final Fantasy series. The set of 15 can be purchased at the high price of 6,048 yen and will give 30 lucky winners a very cool "Ultima Weapon Fork", but what matters most is that each set will come with a DLC code for Noctis' Cup Noodles hat. So there's that.

Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Final Fantasy 30th anniversary Cup Noodles set is also available for purchase here.